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What preparations need to be made for..

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What preparations need to be made for a flexo printing press? During the use of the flexographic printing machine, in order to ensure the printing effect, it is very important to do a good job of inspection, so what inspections should the flexographic printing machine do?
1. Cleaning of the walking arm: first remove the cover, then check whether there are debris on the track of the walking arm, clean up the debris with a duster, then use a brush to clean up the debris in the gap, and then wipe the track with an alcohol-free lint-free cloth. Add some oil to the track later.
2. Two inspections of the servo motor: manually control the motor movement, observe whether the motor movement is stable, touch the motor for heat, long-term movement will lead to loose connection of the transmission shaft, if necessary, adjust the motor PID parameters and adjust the levelness; check the motor Check whether the connecting belt of the motor is loose and broken, adjust and replace if necessary; check whether there is debris in the gear box connecting the motor and the track, and lubricate with butter after cleaning.
3. Maintenance of the stepper linear motor: check whether there are debris in the motor track and clean it up, and then gently push the walking arm by hand to feel whether there is any resistance. If there is, check whether the contact between the slider of the motor and the track is too tight, check Add some oil to the rails after you are done.
4. Sensor cylinder maintenance: first remove the locking screw of the protective cover from the hexagon socket; then carry out three checks: 1. Check whether the PLC terminals are loose; 2. Check whether each sensor is loose and whether the interface is firm; 3. .Check whether there is air leakage in the air pipe of the cylinder; 4.Check the flatness of the touch table and whether there are burrs, and clean and replace it if necessary.

Therefore, the flexographic printing machine should do the above inspection work.

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