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What should we pay attention to in..

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Non-woven printing machine is a printing machine that uses photosensitive resin as a plate, which is widely used for printing film, roll paper, food packaging bags and other packaging materials. It has the advantages of simple operation, precision and flexible speed regulation. The staff should wear simple and neat clothes, and foreign objects are not allowed to fall into the machine, which will affect the operation; the machine should be carefully observed before starting the machine to ensure that there is no debris inside the machine; before the machine is running, in order to prevent debris from damaging the rubber The cloth and printing plate should be reversed for a few weeks first, and then punctual for a few weeks; the hands should not be released from the operating plane when the machine is running, and the machine should be cleaned after the operation is completed, and there is a habit of regular maintenance. Therefore, attention should be paid to these details during the printing process of the non-woven printing machine to ensure its good performance.

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