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What are the differences between letterpress..

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1. Letterpress printing machine: The paper back of the printed matter has slight raised marks, the edges of the lines or dots are neat, and the printing ink is light in the center part, and the raised printing edges are under heavy pressure, so there are slight marks Raised. The ink color is thicker (the thickness of the ink layer is about 7 μm). Can be printed on rougher substrates. Tone reproducibility is average. 2. Flexographic printing machine: The machine has a simple structure, so it is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The price of a flexographic printing machine with the same function is about 30-50% of that of an offset printing machine or a gravure printing machine; the resulting material has strong adaptability, and satisfactory printing results can be obtained from 0.22mm plastic film to 10mm later corrugated cardboard. Therefore, the characteristics of letterpress printing machines and flexographic printing machines are different, so more choices should be made when purchasing.

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