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Company Profile

Company Profile

Wenzhou Qiangtuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of complete sets of flexible packaging equipment and related equipment. It has the ability to develop, research and manufacture a…

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  • Years

    10 years of experience

  • Ten thousand

    More than 50 million sales

  • 2

    Plant area of 2800 square meters

  • iso

    CE, ISO9001 quality system certification

Recommended Products

Exported to more than ten countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.


High Speed Satellite Flexo Press

  • ■ accurate color registration
  • ■ Standardized interchangeable parts, low-wear design
  • ■ Separate electric heating box, automatic temperature control
  • ■ High-speed printing of exquisite finished products
  • ■ Adjustable up and down, left and right, easy to operate


Eight-color high-speed stacked flexographic printing machine

  • ■ Newly designed suction air circuit ensures drying performance at high speed printing
  • ■ HD touch screen,Pneumatic loading and unloading
  • ■ 收放卷双臂双工位机构,高速不停机换卷。
  • ■ Automatic cutting and receiving without stopping

Stacking height 1200mm

Cross-cutting machine

  • ■ With automatic counting, alarm stop function
  • ■ Multiple rolls can be cut horizontally and vertically at the same time
  • ■ Vertical slitting of any size
  • ■ Adopt automatic lifting conveyor belt structure

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    Qiantuo Office

  • Qiantuo Office

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